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We’re passionate, nimble, and more personal than our competition, with big ideas for clients of every size. Everything we design for our clients is created using years of industry experience. We are a versatile team of designers, developers, and marketing experts who are passionate about launching awesome websites, creating engaging branding and rolling out effective online marketing campaigns for our clients.


Building inspiring digital brand stories


We accelerate brand growth through data, insights, and creative cross-channel executions that measurably move people

Graphic Design

Great Design Is Good Business


From marketing collateral to packaging design. Phenix delivers polished creative that brings your communication to life.


A Good Brand Is A Living Organism


Is your brand perceived the way you want it to? We make sure your brand is on point, on target and remains relevant.

Creative Skills

We Spark Emotion And Inspire Action


Every project we take on follows our proven methodology. Why? Simple. Because it has shown to bring results both our clients and we are very happy with 🙂


The project brief defines your requirements and helps us understand the scope and parameters of the project.


Based on the information and details you have given us in the project brief we will do research on your competitors, competitive landscape and target demographics.


Armed with the objectives and parameters of the client brief and the findings of the research we now conduct some brainstorming sessions to come up with thoughts and ideas we craft into original, creative solutions


The creative strategy is a blueprint we create that outlines how we plan to meet the goals and objectives set in the brief. Our creative strategy involves a mixture of innovative approaches to meet those goals. In the strategy, we:

  • Define your target audience
  • Identify the actions we want your audience to take
  • Explain the strategies we’ll use to make those actions happen

Concept Development

Now it’s time to define how we will develop visual stimuli for your brand, product, or service. The concepts dictates the theme, look and feel of all the assets we create. The concept should adhere to the overarching strategy. Doing this ensures that all work is following a specific guide, targeting a specific response and cultivates repeat and specific behavior.

The key areas we identify in the concept are:

  • Ideas: What content will we make, what will it say, how is it different?
  • Activations: What will you do that will encourage the target audience to respond, engage and converse?
  • Visual: Definition of what everything will look like, define the visual theme and story guideline
  • Narrative: Refer back to the content strategy – what is the story we are trying to tell?

Creative Creation

Time to make the magic happen! This is where we make intelligence visual. Our creative team connects creativity to mind processes to successfully communicate the right message and seduce the target audience to take the desired action.

We see to it that the creative solutions we create for you are:

  • functional.
  • impactful.
  • memorable
  • original.
  • fresh, stimulating, exciting, stunning and, last but not least, effective

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